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Brise Paradise Raised $700k USD In Presale

by Analytics Insight

April 11, 2022

Bitgert Startup Studio program has continued to make a difference in peoples’ lives by enabling developers to realize their dreams. The main objective of the Startup Studio is to help unknown developers with exciting and promising projects raise funds. That’s what makes this program unique and revolutionary.

There are so many projects that have been built on the Bitgert Startup Studio. At the time of this writing, over 13+ projects had been listed on the Bitgert DEX in the past 20 days. Among the best performing projects is the Brise Paradise, which has raised over $700k in presale. Read more below:



Bitgert (BRISE) has been doing pretty well, even when put against the largest cryptocurrencies on the market. The crypto project has achieved so much in the past 8 months it has been around. The Bitgert team has released multiple products, but the most significant one has been the BRC20 blockchain. Bitgert blockchain is the first zero gas fee chain.

But the Bitgert Startup Studio is projected to have the biggest impact on this project, with the huge number of projects it is bringing into the chain. According to the information released by the Bitgert team, there will be 100+ projects that will be released every month. The objective is to have 1000+ projects built on the Bitgert chain in the next 365 days.

There are over 13 Bitgert backed projects launched in the past few days. All the released Bitgert projects have been doing pretty well, and one of them is Brise Paradise, which is performing pretty well in the market.


Brise Paradise

Brise Paradise ($PRDS) is among the Bitgert Startup projects that did so well in the market. One of the things that makes this project stand out is its designs and nature. Unlike many cryptocurrencies that are building crypto-related projects, the Brise Paradise is building a luxury paradise for the crypto community in the Maldives.

The Brise Paradise project aims at building a hotel in the private island resort in the Maldives where the crypto community can come for holidays. This is a place where people will come and relax in an environment far away from the world. The project has already raised over $700k in presale.

Phase 1, where the team is opening the Brise Paradise hotel, will be starting soon. But the real deal is in phase 2, where the project will develop a private island resort on a Maldive island. This is an exciting project and the reason why the crypto community is buying $PRDS.

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Bitgert Startup Studio: Brise Paradise Raised $700k USD In Presale