May 19, 2022


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Earnings Edge: WOR & PAYX Aim to Break Downtrend

Last week’s stocks, Renner and KB Home, were a bit drowned in earnings movements, thanks to the overall market volatility we experienced.

The broader market fell by more than 2% last Monday, fearing an infection from Chinese real estate developer Evergrande.

So far, there are no signs that China wants to intervene and bail out the company. Being the second largest real estate developer in China, many other companies and industries will suffer if a company defaults.

China may not provide relief, but it needs to be stimulated Economy For the lending market to continue to function properly.

However, all investors are paying attention to the risk that mismanagement will cause widespread fallout.

So I dropped it on Monday.

The news removed some of the impact of earnings on individual stocks as prices were already fluctuating due to these concerns.

But as things settle down and investors catch up, it opens up a bigger move for the next earnings season.

Today we will look at two stocks that are sensitive to economic growth. Industrial manufacturing company, Worthington Industries (NYSE:) WOR)., And the payroll giant, Paychex Inc. (Nasdaq: PAYX)...

This week’s schedule is as follows …

Revenue Edge Stock Number 1: Worthington Industries (NYSE: WOR).

Earnings announcement date: Wednesday, before opening.

Expectations: Revenue of $ 1.86 per share. Revenue is $ 981 million.

Analyst Average Rating: Owned.

A major industrial company, Worthington Industries, has seen its inventories plummet by about 30% since March. That’s because the government is working to pass a large infrastructure spending bill. This will definitely increase your company’s bottom line.

Withdrawals can be more painful ahead, but investors seem to have gone ahead of themselves.

They have been waiting for infrastructure bills for over a year, and investors soared stock prices in 2020.

Investors making some profits could pave the way for stock prices to rise from here. And it starts with a solid earnings report with a bright outlook — something analysts are looking for this week.

WOR is ready for the rally

The downtrend since March has already continued for 6 months.

If this is defined, any price channel will take a long time to survive, but with stock trading at the bottom of the channel, we can expect a positive move in earnings this week.

Stock prices can rise by 10%, but you can still get stuck in this downside price channel.

But, as I said, I expect stock prices to rise in the coming months. Therefore, there are many advantages here over returning to the red resistance line of the chart in the short term.

This is one stock that stays on your radar even if this earnings report is weak, and 2022 should be a great year for the company.

Revenue Edge Stock 2: Paychex, Inc. (Nasdaq: PAYX).

Earnings announcement date: Thursday, before opening.

Expectations: Revenue of $ 0.80 per share. Revenue of $ 1.04 billion.

Analyst Average Rating: Owned.

Employment services company Paychex could be one of the biggest beneficiaries of fast-growing employment. It returns people to salaries and creates demand for their services.

But as we saw in Warsington, investors are making a profit.

Last month’s share price fell by almost 10%, but the big news was the Delta variant. Just a month later, I don’t hear much about it now, but in August I was late to return to Japan, and wearing a mask made a lot of noise.

The August job report showed 235,000 new positions compared to the 720,000 forecast. It’s a big mistake and investors continue to sell based on the news.

It may be time to be bullish on stocks after the drop …

PAYX bullish signal

Prices are also on the decline, but this narrow trend creates a big move in earnings.

It is our signal that the situation is improving for the company and our economy if PAYX has good earnings reporting and upward outbreaks of pricing behavior.

However, if we struggled in the previous quarter and did not have a promising outlook, stock prices could plummet further and continue to decline.

In any case, this earnings report holds a crucial moment for equities, focusing on how Paychex handles job market volatility.

This could lead to a significant increase in stock prices this week.

Chad Shoop is a chartered market technician and options expert at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the editor of three major newsletters. Quick hit profit, Automatic profit alert When Pure income.. His content is frequently published on Investopedia and Seeking Alpha.Check him out YouTube channel To see his latest market insights.

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