May 24, 2022


Skillful Business Crafters

How Digital Marketing Company Helped Small Businesses During Pandemic

James Gamet is one of those rare people in the world who are growing by helping others grow. The Oregon based digital entrepreneur is running a fast-growing PR and marketing agency named Inches make Miles, through which he helps others reach their potential.

Recalling the time when James entered the digital marketing world and talking about his inspiration, he says, “Johnny Vo was honestly one of my biggest inspirations. Someone I knew personally that was killing it at digital marketing and showed me the laptop lifestyle was possible.”

But then the pandemic happened, and like everyone, James also had his share of challenges and had to adjust. James says that COVID-19 showed them how the market changed when they talked about the lessons they took from the pandemic. “Rather than wanting people to do something for them upfront, they would rather qualify the person they are going to do business with first. This caused them to create a pay per appointment lead generation model and pivot into the media placement and SMM space,” he says while describing the nature of the market.

James Gamet’s digital marketing agency provides all the value upfront of some of their things. From there, they have a Done-with-you and a done-for-you marketing support system for each one of their clients.

Talking about his plans after the pandemic, James says they plan to position themselves as industry leaders that provide a premium service at prices anyone can afford. “We want to leave an impact on this world and help as many people as possible. The next evolution is to create or partner with a charity and give back on a larger scale! There are a few different markets that we are looking to break into.” he says.

While James Gamet has made a career out of helping others, the best part is that he loves his job thoroughly. Ask him what part of his job he loves the most, James shares that he loves being able to help people reach their potential and driving out of them more than they ever expected from themselves.

“My job, being a full-service digital marketing agency, is to provide the needed strategy and services to let my partners/clients focus on what they do best. Also, we can take a company that is on the brink of losing everything to regain the power they have over their situation and reach new levels of greatness. During COVID, we were able to help many small business owners like real estate agents have their best years in production, says the entrepreneur.