May 26, 2022


Skillful Business Crafters

The wizard of digital marketing “Muhammad Ismail” a truly inspiring story : The Tribune India

The US$350 Billion Digital Advertising and Marketing market brings many successful Entrepreneurs, who solved the world’s most challenging problems. The process of digitalization creates many opportunities for people. But on the other hand, it was not just a simple job by eradicating the traditional practices from humans to machines and from paper to Artificial Intelligence. Many successful entrepreneurs born who challenge the world by bringing ease in people’s lives. Muhammad Ismail, a 20-year-old young, energetic boy, is among the topmost entrepreneurs who worked hard for the change.


Child With An Entrepreneurial Mindset


Muhammad Ismail was hardworking from the start. He was a big fan of gadgets in childhood. So he usually opened up technological things. After that, he analyzed them with amazed eyes, looking for more innovations. Now that process and activity was just a simple thing while looking at a three-year-old child. But they did not see the fire that came up for the change. Like Napoleon, Hill narrated the burning desire in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. This burning desire leads him to solve many challenges in digital marketing.



Muhammad Ismail comes up with the mind of innovation and burning desire into Digital Marketing. The great philosopher, Rumi, once said,” What you seek is seeking you”. So Muhammad Ismail was seeking innovations in the digital marketing field. And yet digital marketing was pursuing him.


Muhammad Ismail worked for many premium clients all over the world. He solved many challenging problems, which the businesses were suffering from. He integrates their businesses with new and innovative methods and techniques. From Facebook marketing to Instagram marketing, from developing a website to ranking it, he helped them with an outstanding performance of five out of five stars.



Innovative Strategies For the Success In Digital Marketing


A strong and dedicated Ismail worked day and night and built many strategies to succeed in digital marketing. According to him, “Planning is the basic strategy for every start. Some people take it lightly. But for me (Ismail), it is the basic requirement for any campaign, or we can say, for a successful start. I remember the golden words of Benjamin Franklin; “Success is the residue of planning”. Planning leads us to make the best strategy for our business. Through proper planning, we got the firm direction of where we are going, our goal, how much we will achieve after this year, etc. So consider it as a backbone of every start. Without planning, you will be in the dark”.


According to him, “After we got the best plans and strategies, we should give a proper direction to it. Some of my clients are so confused after planning. Even they paid hundreds of dollars to other clients for planning and strategy. But they are still confused. The clients are although businessmen, but they have little knowledge of digital marketing. So they mainly depend on a person whom they paid. It is rightly said, “A failure to plan is a plan to failure.” So, proper planning and acting on that plan is needed. If they are confused even after having sold plans of sheets or documents. I helped them in giving a proper shape to the plan. I made a detailed and easy strategy for them, which included even a day plan, that on this day and that time, we have to achieve this thing. So the whole process

ses come into an easy and better shape, which help them to grow their businesses.


Moreover, he added, “After you did all the planning and give the finest shape to your digital campaigns etc. The next thing you are required is a proper cost strategy. Some people fall into short-sightedness by analyzing only money from the businesses they want to acquire. You have to think rational in all processes. Don’t be greedy. Habeeb Akande very well said, “The difference between greed and ambition is, a greedy person desires things he isn’t prepared to work for.“ Don’t just focus on the projects that amazed you by looking at the money they are getting but look at the cost they bear before achieving that much success. Cost is not all about money but your time, efforts, dedication etc. Of course, you can beat Forbes and even BBC. But did you analyze how much money and time you have to bear before getting that success? Did these successful companies grow up in one day, or it is their collective efforts and dedication of years. Analyze the market by looking at all the cost and benefits evaluation perspectives.

In addition, we have to look for a solution, he added. No business can sustain itself without solving the pinpoint of its consumers. My whole life has been dedicated to the ease of people around the world. I mainly help my clients, and I am also willing to bring some innovative businesses which solve the unsolved mysteries of digital marketing. I mean the problems where their lifestyle can be improved. So I usually worked for those clients despite having a lack of time, where I feel that they are really willing to help society by solving their problems. It needs courage and creativity. I always repeated an African proverb which says, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” he added it with a smile.



Muhammad Ismail and many digital Entrepreneurs are on the Mission of a “BETTER WORLD”. They are continuously working day and night to solve the problems of ordinary human beings to get them the proper lifestyle that they need in the 21st Century. Through their innovations and capable, strong, dedicated mindset, they will succeed in bringing hope and happiness to the faces of the people on earth.

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